Efficiently Access Multiple Teams Accounts

Used Edge profiles with apps and Windows toolbar to efficiently access multiple Teams accounts.

Efficiently Access Multiple Teams Accounts

Working for a company who have multiple clients, I often need to collaborate as a guest with a client or connect to different Microsoft environment. Most of us rely on “Browse InPrivate / Incognito Window” and authenticate every single time with those different accounts.

Would it be great to have a unique browsing experience for our accounts and efficiently access all our specific accounts apps such as Teams?

This is where “Profiles” in Microsoft Edge Chromium (or Chrome) help us. Those profiles came with their settings, saved password, bookmark, board, apps, and more so you can easily configure a unique experience for each account. Even more, you can sync all these settings and have the same profile experience while connecting to another computer!

I used “Profiles” in Edge every single day to access a different demo account with pre-defined links and boards. But when working with multiple clients with my guest account, be able to efficiently access other Teams tenant without the need to switch it in the desktop app is a game-changer.

Let us have some fun!

*** Update 2020-11-05 ***
Microsoft, as added in the roadmap on November 4, a new feature coming to this December, letting you switch between accounts and orgs through Settings.

Setup your account profiles and Teams app

First, you’ll need to configure a unique profile for this Microsoft account by following this standard guide.

Then, open Edge with the appropriate profile, navigate to https://teams.microsoft.com, and when prompt, “Turn on the notification”. You will also get a prompt to enable Edge to send a notification.

Now that the Teams website is property setup it is time to install it as an app and give an appropriate name.

Voilà! You now have an “App” for this specific Team's account. Replicate those steps for all your Microsoft account and Guest account association then follow the next step to efficiently access all of them.

!! Limitation !!. While you can have multiple different apps pointing to different tenant user accounts at the same time, you are limited to 1 opened app linked with a guest account associated with the same profile. This means you can open 4 apps associated with 4 different profiles but if you are part of 20 other tenants as a guest you can only open 1 app at a time.

Efficiently access all of them

At this point, the app is only accessible throw your profile in Edge so let put them all together and efficiently access them.

Open Edge, select the appropriate profile, and navigate to “Manage apps”.

Right-click the app, click “Pin to” and choose “Desktop” to generate a “Shortcut link”.

From there what I like is put all my Teams shortcut app in 1 single folder. Since it is a simple shortcut, you can easily change the icon for the company logo with an image converter.

Finally, I add this folder has a new toolbar in windows so I can easily access it all. Right

If Teams notification not working ensure your team's notification for this profile is property configures, windows notification settings are enabled and the focus assistance on windows is turned off.

Another application such as Shift also lets you configure multiple accounts and bring a lot more flexibility, but you’ll have to put money on the table.

Thanks to my co-worker Mathieu who point the “Install as an app” feature to my attention!