Each month there are tons of features added and planned for release and it is hard to keep track of features even with the new Microsoft 365 roadmap website, RSS feed and downloadable spreadsheet.

This one-stop-shop monthly article makes sense of the clutter and is divided into 3 sections:

Do not forget that the most accurate and updated information regarding the upcoming features are found at the Microsoft Roadmap web site.

I hope this will help you easily discover what is coming and maybe help us manage employee and client expectations.

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What caught my attention?

First, let me say that September was full of announcements because of the Microsoft Ignite event, so make sure you have a look at my recap series.

Here some of the feature planned for release this month that caught my attention.

Microsoft Lists - Calendar view - Built on SharePoint

This update will finally bring a modern calendar view experience to any list containing columns. We all love and want to keep the previous classic calendar experience (sarcasm) but calendar view will finally get a fresh look and help us keep track of information on a modern calendar view. There are still unanswered questions such as will this be available on the library or an ability to sync it to Outlook. We will find out soon! Roadmap ID: 64167

Microsoft Teams: Customizable Praise Badges

Teams has added the badge feature quite a while ago but will now let businesses define up to 25 custom badges with image, color, and text representing business culture. Now, work with your HR and Communication teams to build some business-oriented badge and give feedback to our employees! Roadmap ID: 64978

Microsoft Teams: End-of-meeting notifications

Have you ever been in a situation where you realize that we spoke for 58 minutes and do not have time to have a meeting recap? Taking time at the end of a meeting to recap decisions, define the next step, and to do is quite important to ensure actions and acknowledgment if need before leaving. Soon, 5 minutes before the end of the meeting, every user will get a notification. This is only a notification and will not cause the meeting to end automatically. We do not have many details on how we will be able to be managed it such has via policies or per meeting configurations. Roadmap ID: 67122

Microsoft Teams: Set Presence Status duration

Let people know you are busy, out of the office, or need to focus on some job will be easier than ever! For sure we can manage notification, add an event in our calendar, used the do not disturb status, or plan for focus time with My Analytics to let others know. But soon we will be able to define a status presence duration so it will be easier to set our focus to “Do not disturb” for the next 30 minutes to stay focus and get the job done or maybe “Out of the office” for 30 min for a daily dog walk! Roadmap ID: 68726

Microsoft Teams: Turn off text previews for chat notifications

While presenting it is always a good idea to only share the app or screen you want instead of desktop to avoid being embarrassed by a chat notification banner text. This little update will bring a bit more privacy while receiving chat notifications by activating an option to let us turn off text preview. I have turned off all banner notification to avoid distraction and keep focus, but this new option will, for sure, please some. Roadmap ID: 66744

Has for now we have been able to customize the form using PowerApps. This new feature will let us adjust information shown by default on the form and include the header footer image and information. This will help give contextual information to the user who filled out an item or consults in a “full-screen” mode like in a Teams TAB or by pointing out the user to create a new item list. Roadmap ID: 63519 & 64165

What is planned for release this October 2020

Here a list of what’s Microsoft has planned for release this month. Remember that “Planned for release” does not mean you will get the update this month but instead that Microsoft planned to start rolling out and it takes weeks and months prior it gets globally available.

To keep this simple this include all Products, Release Phase, Platform and Cloud Instance. The text has been cut in order to fit on 1 line, then if you are curious about it, click on it to go directly to the roadmap.

What has been added to the roadmap in September 2020

Here a list of what’s Microsoft has been added to the roadmap in the past month.

To keep this simple this include all Products, Release Phase, Platform and Cloud Instance. The text has been cut in order to fit on 1 line, then if you are curious about it, click on it to go directly to the roadmap.