Each month there are tons of features added and planned for release and it is hard to keep track of features even with the new Microsoft 365 roadmap website, RSS feed and downloadable spreadsheet.

This one-stop-shop monthly article makes sense of the clutter and is divided into 3 sections:

Do not forget that the most accurate and updated information regarding the upcoming features are found at the Microsoft Roadmap web site.

I hope this will help you easily discover what is coming and maybe help us manage employee and client expectations.

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What caught my attention?

Here some of the feature planned for release this month that caught my attention.

Microsoft Teams: AI-Based Noise Suppression

From kids screaming to barking dogs, colleagues eating carrots and chips, we have all heard many sounds during our online meeting in the past months! Let us now focus on what people said instead of background noise. Noise suppression will be more than useful in an open environment while working outside next summer! Roadmap ID: 68694

Microsoft Teams: Set Presence Status Duration

In the old day, we just had a walk and saw if our co-workers were sitting at the desk. Then disturb him and ask I we can disrupt ūüėä. The team‚Äôs presence status easily let your co-worker know about your availability. Even if most of us do not change these settings manually, this feature will please some like me by letting us define our presence status for a specific time and get reset automatically after. For example, setting Do not disturb for the next 20 minutes to get some job done without being distracted by notification and set a Be right back when we need to leave for a short period like taking a daily walk! Roadmap ID: 68726

Microsoft Teams: New Together Mode Scenes

Let be honest, most of the users out there seen this feature as useless, but we should think twice! Microsoft has proven in a study that these new together modes decrease meeting fatigue. With these new scenes coming, we will sit together in different auditoriums, coffee shops, and more. In your next meeting, adjust well your camera and have a try! It brings a new dimension to meeting and not just useful for giving some high five! Roadmap ID: 68749

Microsoft Teams: Transfer Calls Between Desktop and Mobile

At first, we think of ‚ÄúWell, I‚Äôm working from home now, so why would I need this feature?‚ÄĚ. Even though we are working from home, we are not always sitting in front of our computer. I have already tried the feature in my tenant, and it works pretty well. Toke my phone and my headset, transfer the call, then get dressed for our fantastic Qu√©bec falls weather, got in the car, switch to Bluetooth, and voila! Do not miss a second of your meeting while we need to move and grad kids at school! Roadmap ID: 68776

Microsoft Teams: Windows Native Notifications in Teams

Some of us love and use Windows notification. Teams use their own notification mechanism not yet managed by Windows 10, resulting in annoying and uncontrolled notifications. One of the benefits I see is respecting your Focus Assist Window settings and stopping sending a message inside focus defined slot. I do not use Windows notifications at all, but it looks like it may please some of us. Roadmap ID: 66742

SharePoint: Collapsible sections on modern pages

What? No! Really! We are waiting for that out-of-the-box feature since the begging of SharePoint. Cannot wait to see how it has been implemented but based on Microsoft roadmap, let us make the page section show has accordion or tab. The collapsible section will be more than useful for building a sort of short FAQ and Q&A pages! Roadmap ID: 67147

*** Microsoft updated the planned for release to March 2021

Credit Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference
Credit Microsoft 365 Collaboration Conference

What is planned for release this November 2020

Here a list of what‚Äôs Microsoft has planned for release this month. Remember that ‚ÄúPlanned for release‚ÄĚ does not mean you will get the update this month but instead that Microsoft planned to start rolling out and it takes weeks and months prior it gets globally available.

To keep this simple this include all Products, Release Phase, Platform and Cloud Instance. The text has been cut in order to fit on 1 line, then if you are curious about it, click on it to go directly to the roadmap.

What has been added to the roadmap in October 2020

Here a list of what’s Microsoft has been added to the roadmap in the past month.

To keep this simple this include all Products, Release Phase, Platform and Cloud Instance. The text has been cut in order to fit on 1 line, then if you are curious about it, click on it to go directly to the roadmap.