Microsoft Ignite 2020 recap

Find out top announcements for Teams, SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Stream, Search and more following the first all-digital and free Microsoft Ignite event.

Microsoft Ignite 2020 recap

Every time I attend an event, I create an internal summary for the business I working for. This year I decided to make a public blog so anyone can broadcast my blog recap series during Teams meeting to share useful insights concerning the first all-digital Microsoft Ignite event.

This year Microsoft goes all digital with their biggest event of the year and even in this situation they have provided an incredible 3-day full of sessions. There are some awesome features coming soon to help the quarter of billion users of M365 and their 75 million+ daily active users on Microsoft Teams to achieve more!

This is a summary of a session that I listened to, screen captured and taken notes. Microsoft and the community already provides a lot of articles related to these announcements, so I did not want to re-rewrite everything here but instead pinpoints the best ones with images.

You'll have to bare with me, being a francophone living and a french environment my English still needs work but I am always available to answer your questions concerning the wonderful world of Microsoft 365.

Try to do my best by doing something a bit different, so I hope you will enjoy my first online blog post.

Microsoft Ignite 2020 recap articles

Wrap up

This is a brief overview of Microsoft announcement this year at Ignite 2020. All videos from MS Ignite are available on demand here.

And don’t forget, Microsoft just revealed their new Virtual Hub with a bunch of trainings for IT Pro's and developers ranging for adoption, deployment & management, developer platform, security, compliance, modern work and much more!

The Microsoft Tech Community also release a Video Hub where you can find a bunch of videos regarding different services.

Hope you enjoyed and feel free to share!