SharePoint Online announcements recap

Find out what is coming to SharePoint Online following the first all-digital and free Microsoft Ignite event.

SharePoint Online announcements recap

Microsoft Ignite 2020 recap articles


Definitively Microsoft continues to bring value in this core service by bringing so many enhancements to help users and business stay compliant while achieving more by working less!

You'll have to bare with me, being a francophone living and a french environment my English still needs work.

Try to do my best by doing something a bit different, so I hope you will enjoy it!

SharePoint app bar

Have you ever dreamed of a consistent navigation and easy site access across all your SharePoint sites? Your dream can now come true with the new SharePoint app bar experience.

Feature ID: Not yet on the roadmap

Boost news

Your intranet may be loaded from news from different departments and some of them may need to get more attention from users. This feature will let you, for example, promote news for a certain period and ensure the news is visible until an employee has read it or has seen it in their feed.

Feature ID: Not yet on the roadmap

News digest

Many of us still relay on emails and would like to receive a weekly news digest of what they may have missed. This will help users stay in touch of important news they may have missed right from their mailbox.

Feature ID: 64685 / Release date: September CY2020

Home site app

Let's users navigate your intranet without leaving Teams. The app will let you have a custom name and icon that match your organization brand.

Feature ID: 66584 / Release date: March CY2021

Automatic expiration of external access

This will for sure help keep your content secure. Admin will be able to define an automatic external access expiration date. This is different from sharing expiration since it will be allowed to keep or remove external access to specific users on specific sites content, for example. Owner will have to review and extend access otherwise it is automatically revoked. If a user has access to site A owner of the site A can revoke access while Owner of site B can extend the access. N.B.: Same feature for OneDrive.

Feature ID: Not yet on the roadmap and Ignite session say available today but still not available on my targeted tenant.

Microsoft 365 Network Insights

Do you remember the that give users insight regarding their connectivity on M365 content based on their location? Well going forward the admin center will let admin know how the experience for all the users across your office locations. It is more than just assessments and insights but also remediation suggestion.

Feature ID: 67153 / Release date: April 2021

SharePoint Syntex

The first application that came out of Project Cortex will help business achieve a lot more without any additional efforts. In short, it will be easier than ever to extract information from structured and unstructured content such as documents and images using machine teaching and advanced AI to automatically fill out metadata, invoke a flow and even automatically apply sensitivity and retention label!

Feature ID: 67134 / Release date: October 2020

There is so much more!

  • Buil-in site template to pimp your actual sites
  • Easily share news to Teams and Yammer
  • Enhanced page analytics and analytics email digest for authors
  • Updated admin home page with actional insights
  • Co-author & search enable for MIP protected documents
  • Built-in Box migration with SPMT
  • Aggregate OneDrive settings in SharePoint admin center
  • Apply sharing policies based on sensitivity labels
  • DLP to prevent “Anyone” sharing when document content sensitive information
  • Avoid leakage of sensitive content with Endpoint DLP
  • Unified session sign-out capability
  • ... yup ...

Wrap up

This is a brief overview of SharePoint Online announcements this year at Ignite.

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Hope you enjoyed and feel free to share!

Credit to Microsoft Ignite sessions & Microsoft Tech Community blogs where I've taken my picture and inspiration for this post.