Microsoft Search announcements recap

Find out what is coming to Microsoft Search following the first all-digital and free Microsoft Ignite event.

Microsoft Search announcements recap

Microsoft Ignite 2020 recap articles


From all the announcements regarding Microsoft Search this years here are some that caught my attention.

You'll have to bare with me, being a francophone living and a french environment my English still needs work.

Try to do my best by doing something a bit different, so I hope you will enjoy it!

Let me first tell you why Microsoft search with the Graph connector is soooooo cool! Simple, they let you connect disparate systems, external application, azure content and so much more to give your users a unique one stop shop to find anything in a consistent, convenient and customized way. From ServiceNow to Salesforce, Adobe and so much more those current and coming partnership will ensure a seamless search experience.

Ho and clicking on folders and folders are often a waste of time as we all know! Microsoft invest so much in the search experience that there will be no reason to click on folder anymore!

Here are some the enhancements coming.

  • Search by skills and specific user documents
  • Topics, Acronym, Q&A and Bookmarks will help find content.
  • Personal query history to easily rerun previous search (67133)
  • Built your own experience with Microsoft Search layout designer
  • Add custom verticals and refiners or edit the out-of-box ones
  • Search your local and business document right from Windows search bar
  • Search your PowerBI artefacts in & Bing!
  • New search experience in Teams powered by Microsoft Search.
  • Microsoft Teams, Yammer and groups conversations and images search
  • Users will be able to send feedback to search admin on how efficient their search experience is
  • Microsoft Search will surface your Adobe Cloud files!

Wrap up

This is a small recap giving brief overview of Microsoft Search announcements this year at Ignite.

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Hope you enjoyed and feel free to share!

Credit to Microsoft Ignite sessions & Microsoft Tech Community blogs where I've taken my picture and inspiration for this post.