OneDrive announcements recap

Find out what is coming to OneDrive following the first all-digital and free Microsoft Ignite event.

OneDrive announcements recap

Microsoft Ignite 2020 recap articles


From all the announcements regarding OneDrive this years here are some that caught my attention.

You'll have to bare with me, being a francophone living and a french environment my English still needs work.

Try to do my best by doing something a bit different, so I hope you will enjoy it!

Add to OneDrive

Easily access your “SharePoint/Teams files” right from “OneDrive – My business Name” instead of “My Business Name” folder locally. This means that you do not have to think anymore where the content is located since they will all appear under your personal OneDrive for business folder with a special folder icon.

This may sound cool but will definitely bring additional challenges since it will be harder to determine where the content is from. I hope Microsoft has fixed their large volume synching issues otherwise this feature will mostly add some additional nightmare for users and admin.

Feature ID: 56384 / Release date: September 2020

Dark mode

OneDrive will soon have the option to switch to dark mode not just for dark theme lovers but also improve battery life.

Feature ID: Not yet on the roadmap

Keep existing sharing when moving file

As from now when you move file from your OneDrive to a Teams location all the sharing that already been done are gone. Soon you will be able to choose if you want to keep or not the current file sharing settings.

Feature ID: 65907 / Release date: September 2020

Seamless experience when sharing file in Teams

When sharing files in Teams you will have the same sharing experience has sharing from office apps and other M365 services. One great advantage is that you will be able to specify the current and future users related to that specific group chat who have access to the file.

Feature ID: Not yet on the roadmap

Sync admin report

Yes, we asked and they listened and some of the most requested admin features will finally come out! This admin sync report will let you know the sync status of every single user with error details and remediation recommendation. Cool cool cool!

Feature ID: 65909 / Release date: December 2020

There is so much more!

  • Performance improvement on page load time by 50%
  • Block download on non-edit sharing link
  • Share a link in “Review mode only” to allow limited access such has added comment.
  • Automatic guest access expiration
  • Additional admin setting to let choose who can share externally and with whom
  • Admin center consolidation in the SharePoint admin center
  • Edit your offline documents on iOS
  • KFM policies enhancement such has which folder to move and file extensions to exclude
  • ... yup ...

Wrap up

This is a brief overview of OneDrive announcements this year at Ignite.

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Hope you enjoyed and feel free to share!

Credit to Microsoft Ignite sessions & Microsoft Tech Community blogs where I've taken my picture and inspiration for this post.