Adoption announcements recap

Find out what is coming to the Productivity scores adoption reports following the first all-digital and free Microsoft Ignite event.

Adoption announcements recap

Microsoft Ignite 2020 recap articles


This recap is a bit different from the other on the series since it is not for a Microsoft service Productivity scores adoption reports that let you drive your adoption.

You'll have to bare with me, being a francophone living and a french environment my English still needs work.

Try to do my best by doing something a bit different, so I hope you will enjoy it!

Productivity scores enhancements

Productivity score helps you get visibility and insight on how user uses the platform and acts to upscaled their skill. From how people use video in meetings to the time they spend in meetings and who used a shared workspace to engage with other. These features will for sure help drive adoption. Finally, you will be able to download those aggregated stats per users and Teams.

There will also be a new Microsoft 365 Apps health that will also help you have the state of the office apps across users such as number device per office channel.

Feature ID: 68934 / Release date: September 2020 (M365 App health)
Feature ID: 66866 / Release date: October 2020

Wrap up

This is a small recap giving brief overview of what's coming on Productivity scores reports.

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Credit to Microsoft Ignite sessions & Microsoft Tech Community blogs where I've taken my picture and inspiration for this post.